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The Live Free Model is rooted in a holistic, trauma-informed and anti-oppressive approach to wellness. We understand that all aspects of your mental health and wellbeing are interconnected and we are committed to ensuring that you feel heard and seen.

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Live Free is a leading provider of innovative and inclusive mental health services including child, adult and family therapy, clinical consultation for professionals and integrated wellness solutions for organizations. We offer a Free 15-minute telephone consultation to discuss the diverse ways we can meet your unique wellness needs.

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We specialize in helping you with the following:


Reduce Stress

Whether it’s related to work, family or relationships, everyone feels stressed sometimes. Live Free works with you to determine the root cause of your stressors and develop effective, long-term solutions.

Increase Coping Skills

Sometimes we may feel stuck during complex times. Live Free works with you to develop and strengthen your coping skills to better manage life’s transitions, challenges and move forward in healthy and resilient ways.

Restore Life Balance

We support you in managing mental health concerns such as past or present trauma, anxiety and depression to restore balance. Live Free provides support designed to address your unique needs and improve your overall wellbeing.

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About Live Free


Live Free was founded by Therapist & Social Worker, Nicole Franklin We offer professional and innovative mental health and wellness services including therapeutic counselling, clinical consultation, integrated employee wellbeing programs and more. We work collaboratively with you to ensure a gaol-focused plan that honors each individual’s intersecting identities and meets your individual, family or organizations unique wellness needs. Our work together is centered within best practice and evidence-informed frameworks to ensure the most effective, well-rounded solutions.


The Live Free team is dedicated to curating inclusive, accessible and decolonized wellness spaces for all, while learning and growing together. We work with purpose alongside our community partners towards addressing existing barriers for minority groups within mental health care, with a focus on supporting Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (including LGBTQ2+ folks) in working towards restorative healing. We are committed to ensuring you feel heard and seen, while supporting you in reaching your full potential and living your best life, live free.


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To provide high-quality, trauma-informed, and anti-oppressive mental health and wellness services for all.


A collaborative community ensuring improved access to culturally relevant mental health and wellness services for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour, while working together towards dismantling oppressive systems and ensuring transformational change within mental health care.


We value client-centered and compassionate care, offered within a safe, respectful and non-judgmental environment. Our services are rooted within innovative, collaborative and culturally responsive approaches to mental health care.

  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Collaboration
  • Creative Innovation
  • Cultural Responsiveness

Live your best life, Live free!

From the Blog

Saying “No” as Self Care

Saying “No” as Self Care

Here are 5 ways to say “no” when that’s too hard  I would love to, but I don’t have that to give right now and can’t take that onThat won’t work for me unfortunately but thanks so much for thinking of me I can’t answer right now, can you get back to me I’ll...

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Three (3) Easy Ways to Relax Now

Three (3) Easy Ways to Relax Now

An important part of Self Care is finding time to Relax, whatever that means to you. However, in the busyness of the world today, making time for Self Care and Relaxation can seem impossible. These 3 steps are quick and easy and can even be completed on the GO!...

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