Therapy and Counselling Services
We understand that asking for help is not always easy. We are here to help you navigate difficult life transitions and meet your unique mental health and wellness needs. We meet you where you are at along your healing journey and support you in the growth and the development of healthy relationships, starting with yourself.

Adult Therapy

Individual therapy within a compassionate and non-judgmental environment for adults (18+yrs.) who would benefit from holistic and goal-directed support. Short and long term counselling options are available to support your unique wellness needs. Your therapist will hold space for you to improve your mental health and wellbeing, while ensuring you have a safe space to engage in critical self-reflection, explore your strengths, improve relationships, develop healthy boundaries and build coping strategies to manage stressors in your life.

Children & Teen Therapy

Live Free specializes in engaging children & teens (6-18yrs.) in a therapeutic counselling process. Live Free supports children, youth and their families experiencing difficulties at home, school and community. We work with parents and children to explore complex feelings and develop healthy coping skills to get through difficult times, while working towards a successful future.

Parent/Guardian Therapy

Live Free offers comprehensive therapy support to parents and guardians of young people. We help strengthen your parenting skills and develop the knowledge to better meet your child’s needs, while ensuring success at home, school and in the community.

Family Therapy

Therapeutic counselling designed to stabilize families in times of need and crisis. Short-term interventions for family systems, with options for follow-up support to maintain positive changes over time. A multi-systemic approach to moving families forward, while facilitating community referrals as necessary.